St. Louis County Pachyderms

Welcome to the

St. Louis County Pachyderm Club!

The St. Louis County Pachyderm Club is a Republican group patterned after civic clubs with programs centered around educating our members in the areas of government and politics.

Pachyderm club memberships are open to all Republicans and our meetings are open to public.  We encourage non-members to attend our meetings to learn more about our club and local government and political issues.

The St. Louis County Pachyderm club does not endorse candidates or issues in any primary election.

The National Federation of The Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs is an official allied group of the Republican National Committee.  As such, member clubs such as the St. Louis County Pachyderms operate in a supporting role to the Republican party locally, rather than as a competitor.

Through the St. Louis County Pachyderm club, many citizens are able to broaden their participation in local, state and even national politics.  Thus creating active citizens which are required in order to maintain a free government.

The St. Louis County Pachyderms meet most Fridays for our educational speaker series and hold other events throughout the year as well.   Check out our calendar to see who is speaking this week!  For meeting information, click here.

A list of our Pachyderm speakers this year includes:

  • Tom Mundell: Show Me Cannibas
  • Pam Dixon: Young Republicans
  • Hart Nelson: Chamber of Commerce
  • Carl Bearden: United for Missouri
  • Gary Fuhr: Director of Elections
  • Chris Howard: Chief of Staff for Mark Harder
  • Other past speakers have included candidates for governor, candidates for secretary of state, think tanks and other public interest organization representatives

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